Monday, 22 October 2012

Hello, world!

I was chastised over the weekend for my lack of blog updates.

The trouble is that my cooking and eating is a bit meh at the moment. I'm still, let's be completely honest, missing my husband, my cosy flat, my cosy life and microwave meals and fish finger sandwiches just seem so much more...achievable.

But they do not a dieting foodie blog make.

I just do not feel particularly inspired, I'll be honest with you.

For me it seems, cooking is not just about providing fuel but sharing - a meal, love, time...I know I have to learn that cooking something nice for oneself is still an expression of love, just maybe a less obvious kind.

Still, it's not all bad news. Look at the gorgeous girl who jumps in through my living room window every now and then:

And I saw my darling Min at the weekend and I'd hate for her to be jealous:

I suppose there are worse things to be than a crazy cat lady...


  1. Hey Seren. I don't just read your blog 'cos you're a great cook. I think you write well on lots of topics. So, feel free to tell us about cats, life, love and whatever else is going on.

    Sorry life is a bit meh at the mo. Totally understand why. Why not get the girls or family over and cook something nice to remind you what's important to you.

    Or challenge yourself to cook something totally new just for you (can always freeze half). Maybe something the husband doesnt like??

    Chin up chuck. How's the dating going?? Are you seeing other people too or just each other (if that's not an impertinent question)?

    Lesley xx

    1. Thank you oh wise lady - you give very good advice!

      In answer to your question the general plan at the moment is just to date each other and see what happens. To be honest, the situation is confusing enough without throwing more people into the mix! But we'll see - I don't think being in limbo forever would be a good plan either...