Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A grand day out

Lesley is very wise. In a comment on my last post she pointed out that there was nothing to stop me blogging about things other than food and cooking (or the lack thereof) while things were a bit squiffy. By which I mean peculiar rather than drunk. And she's right - I don't want to get out of the blog habit. Plus, a blog about food is always going to be about lifestyle as well, isn't it...sort of...?

So. Me and the husband are currently dating in an attempt to reinvigorate, rebuild, revitalise (I'm not sure what the correct word is in the circumstances) our relationship. Now, the thing about dating - as opposed to actually being married - is that you have to do stuff. So today we spent a few hours wandering around the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

It's been on my to do list for years and I wasn't disappointed. Huge, often random, sculptures in a beautiful outdoor setting? Fresh air and culture in equal measures? An exhibition by an artist with a frankly bewildering fixation with female genitalia?

The layout is such that just wandering through woodland you encounter all manner of things. Like these choice specimens.

I was glad we chose this time of year to go. The autumn leaves and bleak sky set off the pieces beautifully.

Some were more peculiar than others...

Yes, that is a giant hare with breasts. I had to wait a long time for the gaggle of schoolboys to get out of the way before taking this shot. And here are some headless people sitting on chairs. They are hollow which represents emptiness and futility - this I know because the label told me so. I would have thought making them hollow made them lighter and thus easier to transport, but what do I know?

We spent over three hours there and only covered a tiny amount of the total space. Considering that you only have to pay for parking (£7.50 for the whole day) it was amazing value and we're already discussing a return trip in January when the temporary exhibition changes.

If you find yourself in the Leeds / Wakefield area and you have a penchant for this sort of thing then I would highly recommend it.


  1. I went to uni in Leeds, and always meant to go to the sculpture park, but never quite made it there (mostly due to the fact that you had to catch about five buses to get there! Looks like a lovely day out.

    1. Lol - five buses is a bit excessive! It's a shame they don't have some sort of shuttle bus from
      the city centre because it is well worth a trip.

  2. Looks like you had a lovely time :) Glad things are going well. Lots of love xxxxx

  3. Um, sorry to be self-absorbed but the restaurant you recommended in York isn't open on a Monday, do you have an alternative recommendation?