Thursday, 1 September 2011

Post in search of a title

You may have noticed a lack of posting lately. So pull up a pew and let’s get you updated.

Firstly, since this is primarily a blog about food and Weight Watching what’s been going on there? Not much, is the answer. I spent quite a lot of August away from home working: I’ve recently been seconded part-time onto a team who write and deliver analyst training. It’s tremendous fun and I love the work but it does mean a lot of travelling. As I wrote here, my weight has remained steady, even drifted down a little, but there has not been a lot of cooking going on. In fact, my cooking mojo seems to have wandered off. I cooked myself a bowl of pasta pesto the other night, which was delicious, but does suggest a slight regression back to student days. It’ll be cereal for dinner next.

Of course, the big event for September is, well, my wedding. Just over two weeks to go. The dress is being collected on Friday, the shiny new ring is in D’s safekeeping, the shoes (oh, the shoes!) are so beautiful that I keep taking them out of the box to stroke. The wedding breakfast menu is, I flatter myself, awesome. We’ve had all the guests’ choices in now – and it turns out a surprising number of our family and friends are full on carnivores judging by the popularity of the black pudding and foie gras starter.

It has not been without its stress. I look back on that naïve girl who, two and a bit years ago, blithely assumed that it was actually possible to organise a wedding without having any arguments or unpleasantness and laugh. A hollow laugh it is too. You see, people tell you it is your day but what they mean is – it’s your day for as long as your wishes coincide with mine. One family member is boycotting because we decided not to invite her teenage children (who, quite frankly, couldn’t give two hoots about traipsing all the way up to Yorkshire to go to the wedding of a cousin that they’ve seen a mere handful of times in the last ten years). But she (and my parents) are of the generation who still cling to the Sacred Cow of Family. Frankly, I am more disappointed about the close friends who won’t be attending because of the limited numbers held by the venue. Close friends, incidentally, who still came to my hen do and still showered me with love and support despite the fact they hadn’t been invited, never once uttering a word of reproach.

Anyway. Think that’s got you all caught up. I’ll try and actually cook something over the weekend so I could post about, you know, food. Failing that – anyone for Special K?


  1. Oooh, excitement! Ignore the family members - they're being shallow. Celebrate the friends for they are obviously awesome :o)

    Glad the new job is going well, and you seemed to have got the eating away from home sussed! x

  2. I know exactly where you are coming from with the wedding - I don't understand why everyone feels like they have a right to comment on it. If I hear the phrase "dragging everyone to Italy" one more time... I swear I won't be responsible for my actions.

    Will you share any photos post wedding?? :) I am currently obsessing over other people's days!


  3. How exciting - I didn't realise it was so close. As I am frantically planning an April wedding next year, I second Linz's question - would love to see photos!xxx

  4. Ugh, Special K. Mind you, I hate all cereal (it's the milk I object to predominantly. The only good milk is in the form of cheese or cream - or in a cappuccino).

    Good that they're not coming - sorts out the people you want in your life. I had a rather heated conversation with bf about my brothers though - I want them there, he doesn't. Hmm, might post on this.


  5. PS Third-ing that request for pics!

  6. I knew it was soon but not THAT soon!!! How thrilling.

    Ignore the family moaners....I can never understand how people do not at least try to put themselves into the happy couple's shoes at weddings! Do they not realise that including children and moody teenagers deprives the couple of the company of people who really want to be there and with whom they want to share their big day?? Do they think that your wedding is all for their benefit??

    V strange.

    Laughing at Linz's comment - in one paragraph she has summed up the annoying side of families! Although I do know that there is much that is good too...I'm not always a grumpy old bag!

    I'm sure there is room in the blogosphere for a cereal related blog.....handy ways with muesli and Crunchy Nut cornflakes anyone....??

    Lesley xx

  7. why does work seem to take precedence over the lavish meals we have planned...I am a sucker for pesto pasta after a hard day's work...and hey...there is nothing wrong with cereal either! Toast and scrambled eggs is a favourite of mine....

    OOOOO sending lots of good wishes for your wedding..these last two weeks will be full of exciting challenges. I found that no matter how organised I thought I was there is just so much to do at the last minute. Just keep smiling xxx

  8. If I haven't ever said congratulations regarding your getting married before - congratulations! LOL

    Let me tell you that I'm 52yrs old and my family are STILL putting their oar in on a regular basis. I've come to the conclusion that there's no such thing as "independence", not while one's parents still are on the planet! :)