Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Meal planning Monday 13

This may sound like an absolutely ridiculous thing to say but I realised last night while pottering around the kitchen, that the thing I really miss out on when in one of my can’t-be-bothered-to-cook phases is the smell. I love it when the flat is redolent with the scent of dinner.

So, here goes my first proper meal planning post in a while. I’m trying hard to settle back into a domestic routine even going so far as doing, gasp, a proper big Internet shop – although I’m slightly concerned that the impact on our local Spar store could be catastrophic.

  • Broccoli and blue cheese soup – we’re coming into soup weather now and this is a favourite. Also, I’d bought blue cheese for another meal later this week, specifically…
  • Roasted loin of pork with blue cheese sauce and crispy gnocchi (I won’t serve these on consecutive evenings to prevent blue cheese overload).
  • Lamb steaks with a warm salad of minted broad beans, courgettes and feta
  • Creamy salmon-y spaghetti
There, I feel more like a housewife already. I must try and fit in some sort of baking this week as well; my Kitchenaid had its inaugural use last night preparing Yorkshire pudding batter and I’m keen to make more use of it – it’s so pretty. I think D was a little concerned when he caught me stroking it while tidying the kitchen…but at least I haven’t given it a name so far!


  1. Eeeee! I'm getting a KA as a wedding gift too!!!! And I FULLY intend to stroke it whenever possible!!!!!! Going for the candy apple red - what colour is yours? I just knew you were a girl of good taste ;) Meals look yummy!

  2. Lauren, I'm already a little bit in love with the KA. It's a deep pink colour - I think it's called cranberry officially and ever so pretty. Although it doesn't match my kitchen at all :-)


  3. I've got my KA now. And it HAS been stroked....! Last night I used it for the first time to make some cookies we are giving the kids as favours at the wedding (on Saturday - eeeeee!)

  4. Lauren - ooooh, stroking is definitely called for!! How exciting! My first time (tee hee) I used it to make Victoria sponge, and I plan to attempt pastry in it at some point in the near future...