Thursday, 22 September 2011

Meal planning, er, Thursday...

Yes, I know it’s practically the end of the week and far too late for any meaningful meal planning but it’s time to get back to reality and routine.

So tonight my husband (I love saying that word!!) and I are going to the cinema and home via a Pizza Express two courses for £10 extravaganza. No cooking required.

Friday – D is probably out so I’ll be mostly eating beans on toast. Or something similar.

Saturday – I think time for a curry, so I’m planning on making one of my favourites – cumin spiced chicken with creamy dahl.

Sunday – Full on British comfort food – toad in the hole with mashed potato, roasted parsnips, braised red cabbage and lashings of onion gravy.

More meal planning fun over with Mrs M.


  1. Are you MARRIED???? Where's the wedding post? How was it? I'm desparate to know!


  2. I second Peridot's comment! Tell us all :)


  3. Yeah! Congratulations! There isn't time to meal plan when you are busy staring at your wedding band!!! We've been married for 18 months and I still catch myself staring at my rings... :) ps...beans on toast is one of my fave friday night suppers!

  4. Ooooh HUSBAND! Exciting! Just one more month til I can say that :D

    Your meals sound lovely. I have emailed you my garlic mushroom pasta recipe :)

    Lauren x

  5. Thanks for your lovely comments guys - and Lauren, thank you SO much for the recipe, can't wait to give it a go :-)


  6. Oooh I have toad-in-the-hole cravings now! Will definitely be making it in the next week or two!