Friday, 5 August 2011

Meal planning Monday 12

I write this while sitting on a train heading off to Manchester for a couple of days. Sadly for business rather than pleasure, although I do plan on spending at least some of my paltry eating-out allowance on a nice, cold beer or two this evening. And so I abandon D to leftover tandoori chicken and the caprices of an eccentric tabby cat.

Now. I note that of the four meals I have so far planned for this week three involve fish, and two fish in some sort of butter. Which is not particularly varied or exciting, is it? Never mind – it may not be the most balanced of foodie weeks but fish and butter are two of my favourite things.

So we have…

This last one is actually a Waitrose ready to cook jobby that was recommended in this month’s Good Food magazine and sounds perfect for a lazy Saturday evening.

On Sunday I think we will be firing up the barbecue. I quite fancy grilling some steaks for extravagant sandwiches (I’ve been watching a lot of Man Vs Food: The Carnivore Edition recently), or perhaps spatchcocking a chicken…but will see how the mood (and the content of the butchers) takes me.

As always, head to Mrs M’s blog for more meal planning fun.


  1. What about a roasted ratatouille with the seabass? Most of the veg is very much in seaon now. And I find roasting everything (rather than doing it on the hob) really intensifies the flavour. I just add a tin of toms for the last 20 mins.


  2. All sounds delicious! I don't cook with fish much, after I once gave us all food poisoning.....that was over 15 years ago, so must get over it!

  3. I am obsessed with Man V Food presently! I literally sit drooling at some of the things he eats. There was a hot beef sandwich that I was dreaming about for days...

    Have a good week, enjoy your fishy suppers :) x

  4. Peridot - fab idea, and much more season appropriate than mash.

    Fay - 15 years without fish is far too long, time to face the fear :-)

    Linz - glad it's not just me!!!


  5. Haha. I like Man V. Food too! Weekly meal planning is a great idea x