Monday, 15 August 2011

Without a plan (or a clue)

No meal planning for me this week. I'm off to deliver a training course which means four days of school dinners and medicinal gin and tonics.

The government department that I work for has a large training facility a few miles outside of Lincoln. Who knows why they put it there; possibly because it is equally difficult to get to wherever you live. I've stayed there quite a few times and never once made it out to Lincoln itself; the place has a curiously institutionalised feel, a bit like open prison (I imagine. I've never actually been.)

The food is equally institutional and presided over by a uniformed Valkyrie with the kind of magnificent bosom that is only ever seen on a dinner lady or a Wodehouse maiden aunt. You will NOT linger over your pre dinner drink and you will most certainly NOT get potatoes with your curry if the menu ordains that rice is the correct accompanying carbohydrate. I saw someone try and help himself to an additional prawn toast once. Let's just say that the bosom swelled to still more magnificent proportions.

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  1. eek! is the coffee at the training sessions any good? cause that would make things better in my world! :) hang in there!

  2. I do love that part of the world, we stay at Woodhall Spa every year which is very English! Have a good week x

  3. They puit it there cos there it shedloads of space in Lincoln and wages are low and it is, therefore, cheap. I've been to a training facility a few miles outside Lincoln which felt like an open prison - wonder if it was the same one. Can't remember it's name, begn with an "L" I think!!

    Lincolnshire is my home county and, while I wouldn't like to live there fulltime, I do love it....all that sky.

    Love the image of the scary dinner lady....have a good week.

    Lesley xx

  4. God - my typing is rubbish today and I didn't proof read...forgive the errors...