Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Meal Planning Monday 8

Meal planning didn't quite work out last week as one or other of us was out five nights out of seven.  I've mentioned before that I absolutely hate cooking for one, so when I'm on my own I don't tend to bother with anything more than a microwave meal.  Yes, I know, my foodie credentials get smaller and smaller don't they?  Of course, if I was really organised I'd keep a load of pre-portioned homecooked meals in the freezer for such occasions.  One day, I will be that person.

So, given the recent heat, I've been trying to come up with lighter meals for this week.  I think I'm naturally more of a winter cook (if there is such a thing) as I do find summer meal planning a little bit more difficult.  Or perhaps I just find meal planning difficult full stop because I long to be spontaneous and fabulous.  Ah well.

So, in particular order:

  • Chilli con carne.  Not particularly light or summery, but a firm household favourite
  • Three cheese pasta.  Oh look, another not particularly light or summery dish.  But I've had this in my head for a while now - I want to try and make a version of a childhood favourite that is slightly WW friendly.  Stay tuned for a recipe if it is successful.
  • Chicken Caesar Salad - salad cos it's summer, see?
  • Prawn and scrambled egg stir fry.  
  • Mediterranean style fish stew with crusty bread on the side
  • Sweet mustard salmon with roasted veg
As always, if you're lacking in a bit of meal planning inspiration you can head over to Mrs M's blog for more ideas.


  1. i've been meal planning salads for the last couple of weeks and those "salad days" always seem to land on the rainy, windy, cold ones!!! chilli con carne sounds perfect for the weather I've been having up in Edinburgh!! good luck :)

  2. Bf did an excellent fish stew from a Waitrose recipe with fennel - v good.


  3. Victoria - I know the feeling! That's the problem with meal planning I guess. Hopefully I'll achieve a bit of synchronicity with the weather this week!

    Peridot - Mmmm, the recipe I'd found was from the Good Food website but I've taken a look at the Waitrose one too, thanks for the tip!

    Sarah - Chilli rocks! And I've found that a dollop of low fat plain yoghurt is almost as good as sour cream...sort of... :-)