Monday, 13 June 2011

Meal Planning Monday 7

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed the lack of a meal planning post last week. Well, there are no excuses. Or rather, there are plenty but they are so pathetic that if I type them out I risk losing all remaining self respect. In the end it didn’t matter too much because I was struck down by a horrible stomach lurgie towards the end of the week which meant for several days I could face nothing more exotic than plastic cheese slices on toast.

This week needs to be different – poor D will revolt if he doesn’t start getting proper meals.

So. Tonight we have peppered chicken with roasted courgettes and cherry tomatoes and sun dried tomato and garlic couscous.

On Sunday I want to do a proper roast dinner. I love roast dinners and we don’t have them nearly enough. A recent post by the very lovely Jenny has put me in the mood for a slow roast pork shoulder, which I’ll serve with all the trimmings.

Then in between: they’ll be prick and ping for me one night when D is out carousing (much as I adore cooking I absolutely loathe cooking for one. I think it dates back to a rather miserable period in my life when I was living alone in an absolute hovel where the kitchen was so disgusting I refused to use it other than to make tea and toast.) I’ll be making what might well prove to be our last asparagus dish of the season, a rather delicious and sinful looking asparagus cream pasta from the BBC Good Food magazine website. We have a couple of squashes that need using, so I’m thinking of revisiting this rather lovely risotto recipe (and updating it to include the pro points value in the process). And alongside said squashes, there are some slightly mournful looking new potatoes languishing in our storecupboard, so I think I’ll keep it simple and serve up the salmon, roasted new potatoes and crushed, minted peas that I cooked a couple of weeks ago.

Finally, D was muttering something about having a yen for whitebait at the weekend which I think would be a fantastic Friday night supper – simply dusted with seasoned flour and fried in a little oil and then served with some mayonnaise for dunking. I don’t know yet whether I’ll be able to get hold of any, but I’m going to have a go.

Pop over to Mrs M's blog for more meal planning fun.


  1. It took me a minute to translate what "prick and ping" was there - I was thinking it was something terribly exotic and oriental for a minute ... don't ask - my brain is just not with it today.

    Anyhoo - just wanted to share my discovery for those easy suppers, where as you say, minimal effort is required: my total favourite microwave supper is the Innocent Moussaka veg pot, and a one of those individual packs of runner beans, steamed in the microwave dans le bag, on the side. 5 minutes, bang done, but actually tastes nice and is still pretty healthy. It's my Wednesday supper of choice before running. Love it! The Innocent Moroccan Tagine is pretty good too ..... x

  2. Ooooh, I've been eyeing those veg pots for a while but never got round to buying one. I shall have to give them a go - thanks for the tip!


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