Monday, 11 April 2011

Meal Planning Monday 2

A groovy MPM graphic!  Courtesy of Mrs M.
The weeks do seem to fly by, don't they? Don't worry though - I'm on the countdown to my holibobs now, so this next one is guaranteed to crawl.

And with no further ado, here is how the meal plan is looking this week:

Monday:  Gnocchi with roasted butternut squash in sage butter. Bumped from last week. It's a good job that squashes are hardy things, this one has been sitting patiently in the cupboard for a while now.

Tuesday:  Hake with tapenade and caramelised pears. This dish deserves a post all of it's own!

Wednesday:  Tinned ravioli on toast. Classy, no? D is out so I'm indulging myself with a super quick and easy taste of childhood.

Thursday:  Peppered chicken breast strips (still clearing the freezer and have no idea why we ended up with these) with sun dried tomato and basil couscous and some Mediterranean style veg.

Friday:  Fish in breadcrumbs (another item unearthed from the dwindling freezer) probably with mash and peas and lashings of ketchup (tartare sauce for D).

Saturday:  We're celebrating our "anniversary" this week (seven years since our first date in a sticky carpeted York pub!) so tonight will be a special candlelit dinner.

Sunday:  In further adventures with the slow cooker, I'm doing a pot roast chicken with mustardy gravy as seen recently on Dinner Diary served with roast potatoes and something green!

Check out Mrs M's blog for more meal planning fun.


  1. Hey particular comments about your meal plan other than to ask if you wouldnt mind adopting me but have read the last few posts in a oner and wanted to say:

    I really enjoy your blog cos it does strike a celebratory note around food.

    Maintaining or learning how NOT to gain longterm is a very worthwhile achievement so no, I dont think you were making excuses.

    And, I now have an extremely comical picture in my head of you out walking.....let me know if you ever venture to the Peaks so I can come and watch (and point and laugh of course!!). Tee hee

    Lesley xx

  2. Oh yum - I've meal-planned for this week, but mine doesn't sound half as fun as yours! x

  3. I've meal planned as far as tonight - fairly useless! I am going to make an effort with it however as it might assist me in losing that 8 pounds I gained over the weekend :)

    Lovely meals as always!


  4. Thanks for joining in, loving the sound of what you've got planned this week!

    Will have to come and check out more of your blog to help inspire me into some more healthy meals as I am trying to lose a bit of weight and generally be more healthy but it's hard when you love food!