Saturday, 23 April 2011

Foodie Abroad: A bit o' Scottish style tapas

Greetings from Scotland! The sun may have disappeared as soon as we crossed the border, but we still have our fingers crossed for a week of rest, relaxation, the odd dram of whisky and, of course, as much local food as we can get down our gullets.

To start with, I bring you a selection of light bites served up by the Clachaig Inn in Glencoe. D and I ordered three starters, a portion of cheese and pudding to share.

Locally smoked salmon with oatcakes:

A Haggis taster plate with more oatcakes:

Stornaway black pudding with apple purée and still more oatcakes:

Local cheeses and, yes, oatcakes:

And, finally, a piece of Ecclefechan tart. This was a new one on me but absolutely gorgeous - just imagine all that is good about Christmas pudding and encase it in buttery pastry:

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  1. Hope you're having a lovely time and the weather is being kind.

    Just read your comment on m'blog: I imagine you can understand me also swelling with empathy (it's not wind or sugar, honest). Have you chosen your dress? Is it wonderful? We can come up with a strategy that makes you feel amazing - and, men being suggestible creatures, D will think you look amazing too.