Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Twix Travesty

I'm all for companies trying to make "lighter" versions of things.

But this is just wrong.  A travesty along similar lines to the Mars Delight or the Kinder Bueno.  The only acceptable chocolate / wafer combination is the KitKat in my opinion (which is the only one that counts on my blog).

As for the confectionery versus biscuit debate...I used to work for the sweetie company that makes KitKats and they classified the 4 finger as a chocolate bar and the 2 finger as a biscuit.  So there.


  1. You see, I'm a chocolate whore. Anything that will allow me to eat anything chocolatey within the most minimal points, wins with me. I quite like Twixs but when the chocolate demon strikes, it's never what I crave; the chocolate and caramel are nice but the biscuit leaves me cold. And it's exceptionally pointy I think. So bring on low point chocolate in all its demonic disguises!

  2. I'm not convinced. But, obviously, I will be trying them once they come out for the sake of fairness. Ahem.

  3. That's very good of you. You clearly take a dispassionate and scientific view of the whole chocolate thing (is one really a representative sample? Is it?!)