Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A little bit of midweek luxury

Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs has been my go-to birthday breakfast for years.  As a young girl, I thought it was the absolute height of sophistication.  Obviously nowadays a dish can't be called sophisticated unless it is strewn with dust or covered in foam.  But the combination of tastes and textures - oh, it may not be cutting edge but it is still one of my absolute favourite food marriages.

In general I have found that I (and perhaps this is true of dieters in general) count among my favourite foods some pretty non WW friendly stuff.  Cheese - yep, that's a no no unless you are one of those weirdos who can actually eat cheese in fingernail sized portions.  Butter - spread so thick that you leave teeth marks in it naturally.  Real mayonnaise, ghee laden curries...OK, I'll stop now.  It's quite rare that a genuine favourite can be served up unless it has been tweaked and skinnified and made just a little bit less unctuous - after all, it is often the fat content that is responsible for that silky mouth feel.

Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs is not one of these dishes.  In days gone by, I'd add a knob of butter to the pan before throwing in the eggs but I've found a similar creaminess can be achieved by stirring through a spoonful of extra light soft cheese at the end.  And because the salmon itself is naturally rich and oily I don't think the dish is any the less.

It's moved from being the exclusive preserve of breakfasts to being a favourite, quick and easy midweek supper nowadays and I have to say, I always look forward to it.  Tonight, two large double yoker eggs and a generous (60g) portion of smoked salmon finished in the pan with a tablespoon of Philly piled on top of a slice of wholemeal toast came in at a very reasonable 7.5 points.  I feel satiated but I also feel like I've had a real naughty treat, and there are points left in the bank!  A very good end to the day.


  1. Perhaps if you sprinkled space dust on it at the end a la Heston? Ick.

    I find if I cook the eggs for ages - 20 mins min - stirring constantly, they come out really, really creamy without lashings of lovely butter.

  2. Oooh, that second tip is very interesting - I'll have to give it a go. I actually find standing and stirring quite soothing - it's why I enjoy making risotto.

    But the first tip...not feeling the space dust...but I'll try anything once ;-)


  3. Your Pret posh cheddar baguette? F-I-F-T-E-E-N points - read and weep. Wow, that's....that's...just wow.

  4. oooh this is the only way i can eat salmon! But I add spring onion too, mmmm... although I have some spring onion philly in the fridge, oh i say!