Monday, 23 August 2010

Feelin’ (not so) Groovy*

*With apologies to Simon and Garfunkle.

The last couple of weeks have been slightly odd. We’ve been cat sitting for my parents, who live twenty miles down the road from us and while it has not been an actual holiday, I’ve sort of fallen into holiday mode which has made my general diet somewhat skewiff. Plus, we’ve been a lot further away from the gym and so our visits have been sporadic.

Oh, I had so many grand plans. I was going to take full advantage of the garden and the barbecue (we live in a two bed roomed flat, so outdoor space is a novelty) and eat a wholesome diet of grilled meat or fish and salad. You know, the kind of meals that celebrities insist they live on. When we couldn’t get to the gym I was going to shuttle run across the lawn, or maybe buy a cheap skipping rope. But grand plans don’t come together unless littler plans are in place – meal plans and cooking plans. The sort of organisation that I deliberately avoided. Yes, I’ve had good days here and there, but more by luck than judgement.

Anyway, we’re back home this evening and one of my first priorities is going to be putting together a proper meal plan for the week. I also intend to huff and puff my way through a Body Combat class. I need to reintroduce the concept of routine to my eating and my tracking and my exercise.

The day did not get off to the best of starts routine wise – I left the house without any breakfast or lunch packed; but instead of using this as an excuse to go entirely off piste I’ve had a grande skinny latte for breakfast from Starbucks (2 points) which ok, is not the most filling choice, but should keep me going for a few hours, and then it is off to Subway at lunchtime for my lucky 5 point sub.


  1. Soooo, describe this sub to me. That sounds vaguely porny, doesn't it? I suppose it IS food porn! But there is also a reason: I've never been to a Subway until last week and then I was all confuddled! I tried for the lowest cal choice (they had no wraps but I had tuna with low cal mayo and salad) and would appreciate guidance in case there's a next time!

  2. Ah, many and varied are the ways of the Sub (said in mystical Eastern tones).

    Funnily enough the wraps are not the lowest point option. My particular sub of choice is turkey and ham on 6" wheat bread which is 4 points (seems very low but this is what the nutritional info tells us so like Mulder I choose to believe). I then add all the salad fixin's - in theory, sweetcorn isn't 0 point but they put so little on that I don't think it worth counting, and then add light mayonnaise which is 1 point.

    Plain turkey on wheat is also 4 points and I believe the roast beef and the Subway club both come in at around 4.5 - 5 points. I never have cheese because you can't taste it in the sandwich and I don't see the point.

    I didn't want to like Subway because it feels so fast-foody, but in terms of a low calorie sandwich lunch it tends to work out better than my beloved Pret, or the other usual suspects. Anyway, I can't go into M&S at the moment because they invented caramel topped brownies which are EVIL.


  3. Ah well, my sub (light tuna mayo and salad on 6" wheat) may not have been too bad then!

    Pret artisan baguette with prosciutto and cheese - mmmmmm, delish but an astonishing and horrendous 10 points! Bet you're choking on your rice cake, right?

    Up until now, I had no knowledge of a caramel topped brownie. Although I make pretty stonking brownies - ultra fudgy with marshmallow, crunchie bar and werther's originals baked into them.

    What's an NSV? You put it in your comment on my site and I'm mystified... Thanks for the comment btw, although you have reminded me that I had a poppadom and a half with raita. They're not too pointy but it's the cumulative effect...

    Px (not the grape variety)

  4. The dreaded holiday mode - I seem to be in it also of late.

    At least you are now back home and back at it.

    I am with Peridot on the Pret Artisan Baguette - love it, but almost died when I realised it was fairly pointy. Just wish we had a subway near work.

    Anyway, I appear to be rambling on about nowt so I shall bid you farewell. Hope you have your groove back.


  5. Peridot, get thee to the WW message boards! NSV = Non Scale Victory, so fitting into a smaller dress size, or resisting pudding, or something like that.

    Talking of Pret artisan baguettes have you tried the posh cheese and pickle one with sun dried tomatoes? Absolutely gorgeous but can't bring myself to point it...