Monday, 12 July 2010

Comfort Eating?

Well, this last week my eating has been beyond bad. Seriously. How a self confessed foodie can justify barely setting foot in the kitchen for seven whole days is entirely beyond me. There was one evening when, through a combined effort with my live in sous chef, I managed to turn a yellowing head of broccoli into some delicious broccoli and blue cheese soup but other than that it has been takeaway central in our flat this week and it has to stop.

I could come up with all sorts of excuses. The training course I’m on is stressful and rather tiring. I deserve a treat at the end of a long day. But what I want to know is when did the concept of treat get all tangled up with subjecting my poor body to an onslaught of grease washed down with wine?

What could be more of a treat than a home cooked meal? A perfectly seared tuna steak or a bowl of pasta and roasted vegetables glistening with pesto? A fluffy pile of mashed potato? A handful of sweet-sour cherries or juicy strawberries? I struggle to understand the thought processes that bypass all these in favour of Dominos.

Tonight, it is going to be different. I am going to cook this delicious looking crab risotto. I might even fit in a gym visit and treat myself to a rush of endorphins followed by a cool shower. My body deserves better than I am giving it at the moment, so things ARE going to change – one meal at a time.


  1. Oh I do feel your pain - I did the same last week after a particularly rough day - that thought of "I'll TREAT myself to Chinese" (my downfall) even knowing that I was going to feel terrible afterwards. What sort of treat is it when it leaves a faint coating of oil on your lips (and yes, I know fats are a flavour carrier and all that), overly full and so full of salt and MSG that you can't drink enough to satisfy your thirst and feel nauseous most of the next day. Some treat, huh?

    I guess we learn a little bit every time we make that mistake / I always try and focus on how bad I feel afterwards so I can break my craving for it - kind of a reverse Pavlovian response! A couple of days of clean eating and I guarantee you'll be feeling better. X

  2. That DOES look good - how is it, point-wise? And a question for you - I'm away this weekend and most weekends (we have a tin hut on the coast), how do I count points without access to a computer? I don't want to blow it at the weekend. I'm struggling already too - and it's only day 2! Will try and blog about it today.

    Good luck with the delicious looking risotto.


  3. Been there- done that....many many times. I make the same excuses. Need a treat blah blah. What are we like!?

    Good luck getting back on track
    Jess x