Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Comfort Blogging

I feel so much better since writing yesterday’s post, thank you for your kind words. During my recent shrink appointment (and as an aside on that, I was very disappointed to not get to recline on a couch and look at ink blots. But then, I was also quite disappointed that the psychologist didn’t look, or sound, anything like Frasier) we talked a lot about patterns learned in childhood. It takes a lot to unlearn those. I did a lot of secret eating as a child, took a lot of comfort in the mouth feel of chocolate and melted cheese. Those habits are not going to disappear overnight, I just have to try and check myself when I start to revert to them.

Risotto update: absolutely gorgeous! I reduced the amount of lime and ginger in there, so as not to overpower the crab, and the flavours worked beautifully. It was incredibly rich, but all the richness came from the crab meat rather than the usual additions of butter and cheese. According to the nutritional info on the website it worked out at 6.5 points a portion and very well worth it.

Gym update: epic fail. But, I am not going to feel too guilty about it because my swimming kit is in the boot of the car as I speak (well, write) and tonight the plan is to go straight there. However much I whinge on the way.


  1. EVERYTIME I COMMENT ON YOUR BLOG IT DELETES IT! I'm beginning to take this personally. Gaaaah.

    Anyway, am keen to try the risotto - I was going to half the recipe which makes it feeding 2-3. Did you point it a the feeds 2 or feeds 3? We can get spankingly fresh crab almost at our door by the tin hut so it should be great. Thanks so much for the tip.

    Peridot x

  2. By the way, LOVED your coleslaw idea. I made some last weekend with cabbage, carrot and fennel to go with fish and had done it with low fat/cal mayo so I'll try out yoghurt. And I love celeriac (celeriac chips, mmmmm) and have always loved the French celeriac remoulade so that sounds yummy. Thanks!