Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Buffet Lunch

What is it about those two words that strikes fear into the heart of this particular dieter?

I’m on a four week training course at the moment (pauses for a minute to revel in deep, deep joy) and a buffet lunch is being provided. Every day. For four weeks.

I think I’ve mentioned my tendency towards points blindness in certain situations before, but never is it so pronounced as when I’m faced with a table full of dinky little sandwiches and mini pizzas and cocktail sausages (although I must say that I was quite disappointed yesterday at the lack of cheese and pineapple sticks). Do I somehow convince myself that if it is miniature it doesn’t count?

Yesterday I managed to confine myself to a single plateful. Three quarter sandwiches – chicken (good), tuna mayo (less good – there was a lot of mayo and I bet it wasn’t low fat) and cheese (awful), a chicken finger type thing (like a fish finger but, er, chicken. And cold) and yes, a mini pizza. By no means disastrous but I was sorely tempted by all the other bits and pieces – especially the cake table. Bakewell tarts! Battenberg!

I think as of tomorrow I’m going to bring a pack up in with me. It’s not the frugal way, but for the sake of my waistline I need to eschew the buffet table altogether. The day the cheese and pineapple sticks turn up it could get messy.


  1. No, it's not just you! There has been proper scientific research by - you know - people in specs and white coats which show that lots of different tastes/food mean that our stomachs don't register as full nearly as soon as if it's one cohesive meal.

    Zut alors - 4 weeks! That's some training session! Good luck.


  2. Can you see my comment? Weirdly it's saying no comments until I go to comment again and then it's "oh okay, there is one after all". Grrrr

  3. Hmmm, it was showing as zero and now is showing as two...not quite sure what happened there.

    Still having difficulty with the buffet lunch and am only on day three of twenty - gah...