Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Wot, no meal planning (and this week’s weigh in result)

I think that we might need to up our game with the meal planning a little bit as neither this week nor last week have I felt inspired to blog about what we’ve been eating. It doesn’t help that we continue to stick with a bowl of soup on fast days which, although it ticks many boxes – tasty, warming, filling, minimal effort – isn’t very exciting. So that leaves five days a week and when we’re out for a couple of those…well, the meal plan becomes very short.

We’ve also been aiming to have a pretty frugal January, and have managed well for the most part. I reckon that our total grocery bill for the month is going to come in at under £250, and that includes several bottle of wine and a bottle of gin to replenish our stores post-Christmas. Again, while our bank balances are thanking us, it doesn’t necessarily make for the most exciting meal planning post when we’re freezer diving or eating leftovers.

I promise that socks will be duly pulled up in February.

Now, what about weight loss this week? As you may recall, the first two weeks of 5:2 had seen me record a cracking couple of losses (partly because the second week turned into an accidental 4:3). I was expecting a slowdown this week – almost hoping for one, in fact, as I always feel that it “consolidates” the loss (if you see what I mean. Or am I just a bit odd?) Anyway, week 3 went like this:

Week 1-2 loss / (gain): 8.4lbs
Week 3 loss / (gain): 1.2lbs
Total: 9.6lbs

I’m really happy with that! A pound a week is probably all that I can reasonably expect in the long run with this plan, so to squeak in just over that after last week was very pleasing indeed. I’ve made an excellent start and am definitely inspired to continue – what a lovely thought that I could hit the first stone mark by the end of February if I keep on keeping on.

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  1. Brilliant!! Well done for sticking to it and I'm pleased that you have your reward. How's the putative running coming on.....nag nag nag?? Lxx