Monday, 9 January 2017

Meal planning and weighing in

So firstly – news from the scales. Today I weighed in after my first full week, post-Christmas, on 5:2 and recorded… (drum roll please…) a loss of 4lbs!

Cue much happy dancing. A very pleasing result. I’m back under my mid-December weight and only 0.2 lbs over where I was at the beginning of December. Hurrah.

It’s been an interesting week, but I probably need to record my full thoughts on a separate post, as I want make sure I’m keeping a full, critical record of my time on 5:2. So, to meal planning.

Monday and Wednesday are this week’s fast days and I’ll be making a batch of broccoli, spinach and blue cheese soup which comes in at just under 200 calories. It’s a little high but it should have quite a luxurious taste and texture owing to the inclusion of, well, cheese.


Tuesday: Cauliflower risotto

Thursday: Rice bowl with stir fried pork mince and pickled cucumber.

Friday: I’m out – so D must fend for himself (sob!)

Saturday: Steak baguettes with caramelised onion and blue cheese mayonnaise

Sunday: Some sort of roast (tbc)

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