Monday, 24 October 2016

MPM: 24th October 2016

It's D's birthday week!

On Sunday, the big day, we are off to Whitby. We will walk to the end of both piers and visit the arcades, play pool and lunch on fish and chips which sounds like a pretty idyllic time to me. A bit less high-end than some previous years but given that we will be hitting a three Michelin star establishment when we visit Paris in November, I think we (and our wallets) will cope. Saturday, or Birthday Eve, we're seeing my parents for lunch so nothing planned dinner-wise, but seeing that M&S have started bringing out their Christmas party range, I think that something nibbly will do the trick.

On Thursday we are doing something unusual - cooking a dish for the second week in a row. It's just that good - when pressed to come up with things to eat this week, it was all we could come up with! On Friday, a new recipe from a lovely new book by the fearsome, but undoubtedly talented, Ms Monica Galetti.


Monday: Moules Marinieres

Tuesday: filled pasta tossed in butter, black pepper and Parmesan

Wednesday: soooooooooooooup

Thursday: Vietnamese style braised pork

Friday: chicken tartiflette (from Monica Galetti's new book, "The Skills")


  1. Just enjoying catching up with you via the blog. Happy birthday to D - and thanks for the news that M&S has their party range in! We have party tapas almost every week whilst it's in the shops.


    1. Party tapas is such a good name for it!

      Hope you had a wonderful holiday - am hoping for a blog update soon. x