Monday, 15 August 2016

MPM: 15th August 2016

I have reached the conclusion that our freezer is actually bottomless. How else could we have managed to jam quite so much produce into its three shelves. We're desperate to defrost the bugger but we just keep unearthing stuff that needs eating - or should that be un-icing?

The meal plan this week, therefore, is brought to you courtesy of "Let's try and be creative with the random ingredients that we have discovered and get the bloody freezer empty in time to defrost it before we go on holiday in a fortnight." Some of the dishes are rather wintry considering that we are in the (admittedly less than dizzying) height of summer but what care we for seasonality in the circumstances?

Monday: peppered mackerel fish cakes, salad, minty yoghurt dressing

Tuesday: Osso bucco, saffron risotto

Wednesday: courgette (they're from the garden rather than the freezer), bacon and goats' cheese pasta

Thursday: mussel paella

Friday: Thai red curry

Saturday: oxtail braised in chorizo and red wine, fried potatoes

Sunday: fish pie


  1. Osso bucco, yum.

    I've just done exactly the same!
    fish and spinach curry with chapatis for brunch
    almighty vat of bone broth
    pea and broad bean hummus
    green bean salad
    treacle tart (unboxed roll of pastry...thought it was shortcrust, turned out to be puff...)

    No deceased guinea pigs in there this time at least.

    (Just stalking Waffle's comments...)

    1. Ohhhh, I will swap you some Osso bucco for baklava, I love the stuff!

  2. I love the sound of those fish cakes - and I'm mad about courgettes (especially the yellow ones which are a rarity). Also agree on baklava - although I find it's either sublime or (more usually) disappointing and dry