Friday, 12 February 2016


The BBC Good Food Spring Blogging Community website is now live! It's here! There's me!

I'll be sharing a recipe with you this weekend which works beyootifully with a couple of the lovely Yorkshire preserves that I received to try this month so be sure and keep you eyes peeled (peeled I tell you!) for that. And do check out all the other blogs on the list (but remember that I'm your favourite...)


  1. I'm going to York in a fortnight with 3 old school pals. Any restaurant recommendations which we might stand a chance of getting into on a Sat might?? NotTOO pricey. Cheers 'ears!!

    1. I like the Star Inn the City

      It over eggs the Yorkshire theme a little bit - the bread is served in a flat cap!!! - but it's owned and overseen by Andrew Pern of the Star Inn which is one of the top gastropubs in the country.

      Elsewhere, I haven't been for a while but Ambiente was good for slightly unusual tapas
      And tapas is always nice for a group.

      Again, it's s long time since I've been and from the menu it looks like it has gone a bit, but if you lie Asian food and cocktails then The Evil Eye is worth checking out.
      It looks like a student dive but the owner was a real fan of Asian food and used to go over there several times a year to source recipes and ingredients.

      Am afraid, though, my knowledge of York is not what it there may well be some new little gems that have just completely passed me by!