Monday, 14 December 2015

Meal planning Monday - the coughdown to Christmas

I have been suffering with a hacking cough and a crackling chest for over a week now and I'm officially bored.  I sound like a consumptive orphan who pops up in an early scene from A Christmas Carol to elicit sympathy.  Tiny Tim's wheezy younger sister.  I must be driving the people around me at work absolutely mad.

Still, at least I keep telling myself that 'tis better to have such bugs now than over Christmas.  I'm gritting my teeth when I'm saying it, mind.

Elsewhere, Christmas preparations continue apace.  The first component of our Christmas dinner is made and in the freezer.  We are doing a practice version of the pre-starter this evening.  The time plan is completed and the jobs allocated.  So that's all the important stuff done.  I still have to write cards and wrap gifts but, well, one step at a time.

Meals this week - I'm out on a Christmas do on Thursday and D is out on one on Friday so five evenings planned...with freezer dives on Tuesday and Sunday.

Thai red curry mussels
Pulled pig cheek wraps with Spanish tomato rice (bumped from a couple of weeks ago I think)
Spaghetti with carrot ribbons and garden herb pesto
Home made pizza (hurrah!)
Panacalty (corned beef stew) with suet dumplings

Have a great week everybody.


  1. Gosh you're organised! I'd be interested to hear your Christmas menu.
    Hope you feel better soon. x

  2. A pre-starter!

    And what wondrousness is Panacalty?

    PS with you on the cough: mine has developed a fetching bark in the middle!

    1. Of course a pre-starter - and there would have been canapes as well but I put my food down this year and said that I wasn't prepared to spend all of Christmas Day in the kitchen!

      Panacalty is corned beef stew. It appears to be a Teesside thing - a staple of D's childhood but I've never come across it anywhere else. They have something called Pan Haggerty in (I think) Newcastle, so presumably it derives from the same sort of root. Very tasty it is too! x