Monday, 7 September 2015

MPM: 7th September 2015

Well, that was the week that was.  In terms of food: excellent, we stuck to the meal plan and enjoyed every single one.  We also paid a visit to a new(ish) fishmonger which is just a twenty minute walk away and which was very impressive - I can see us becoming frequent visitors.  In terms of WW, the week was good but Friday and Saturday (again) wandered off track.  I need to come up with strategies to make the weekends less...weekend-y.

Anyway, on to this week.  We are eating out tonight (post to follow) and have subsequently only planned as far as Thursday, although Sunday will definitely be some sort of roast dinner.  Meals on the list so far:

Spaghetti with a creamy tomato, rosemary and caper sauce
Thai chicken soup

Edited to add:

The weekend is now confirmed! 

Salmon with curried mussels
D's keema curry
Roast shoulder of pork


More meal planning fun over at Mrs M's.


  1. I could also do with a few weekend strategies! Have considered locking the fridge haha. #mpm

  2. Ooh that spaghetti sounds wonderful - is the recipe muse likely to inspire you to share it? *hopeful face*


    1. The recipe muse in this case was inspiring olive magazine! But luckily, she induced them to put it online:

      Haven't cooked it yet, but it looks lovely - and a really, quick, easy dish to pull out midweek.