Monday, 28 September 2015

MPM: 28th September 2015

Ah, hello October.  It's the time of year when the thoughts of the meal planner turn towards stews and pies and steaming heaps of mashed potato.  Mind you, given the lack of summer in the UK over the last couple of years, such thoughts are never that far away, even in August.

On Friday, it is my grandmother's funeral, so we'll be over with my parents for a couple of nights.  And on Saturday, we have a lunch planned at the wonderful Van Zeller in Harrogate; a belated anniversary present to ourselves.  If it is as good as the last time we went we will definitely be in for a treat.  That only leaves four meals to plan and the current thinking is as follows:

Cod wrapped in Parma ham with spiced lentils
Corned beef hash
Spaghetti with a creamy tomato, caper and rosemary sauce - yes, this is the third time that this poor dish has appeared on the plan, let's try and get it made this time round, shall we?
Shepherds' pie - someone was making one of these on the TV recently and I realised that it has perhaps been years since I cooked up this childhood favourite.  Already looking forward to it.

That's it for us - but head to Mrs M's for more meal planning fun.


  1. Hope the funeral goes ok for you and you have a lovely anniversary lunch. The spaghetti dish sounds yummy.

  2. Oooh the cod in parma ham sounds delicious. I hope you enjoy your meal out, we love Harrogate and York! I am sorry to hear about your grandmothers funeral, my thoughts are with you x #mealplanningmonday

  3. The cod in parma ham sounds amazing!

    I'm sorry for your loss, and I hope everything goes okay on Friday. xxx #mealplanningmonday

  4. Hope the funeral goes as well as it can do, enjoy your shepherd's pie - love that!

  5. The cod wrapped in parma ham sounds delicious #MealPlanningMonday

  6. So sorry for your loss - we have shepherd's pie this week too, it's definitely a sign that autumn is on it's way for us.