Monday, 24 August 2015

MPM: 24th August 2015

Well, the holiday season is well and truly over and August is coming to an end.  I don't know about you, but I always start to get excited for the beginning of September - it's like a mini New Year to all of us who remember that first day back at school after the six week holidays.

However, it is a salutory reminder for me that we are now two thirds of the way through the year and my weight loss progress has been pretty much zilch for 2015.  Time to pull my socks up, I think.  D is also trying to shed a few pounds which makes it a bit easier.

Meals for this week:

Pasta with pesto, salmon, peas and courgettes
Leftover roast chicken with cauliflower cheese
Smoky sausage and cherry tomato bake with crusty bread and salad
Friday fish and chips
Haggis burgers (I'm still on a Haggis High following our trip to Scotland)
Roast shoulder of lamb with boulangere potatoes

I'll need to be hoarding weekly points for Friday and Saturday night which look set to be high, so I suspect that I'll be munching on a lot of fruit this week.  And complaining about being hungry.  Feel free to give me a kick up the rear if I do...

More meal planning fun (hopefully) over at Mrs M's.


  1. Everything you make sounds so delicious. Do you tend to keep most of your points for dinner (and in which case, what do you eat for other meals?) or are you just very careful with portion sizes?

    1. A bit of both, to be honest. Dinner is the most important meal of the day, so when I'm planning, that comes first and breakfast and lunch are adjusted to fit around it. I'm not a huge breakfast eater anyway during the week - often it'll just be yoghurt, fruit and a milky coffee.

      We don't have very big portions though. Tonight, for example, it will be 50g of pasta each and half a salmon fillet. Bulking up with veggies makes this a bit easier but, to be honest, I'm never usually hungry after dinner, it's quite easy to think that you need more food than you actually do (if you see what I mean).

  2. Roast shoulder of lamb! Mmmmmmmm! I lost a bunch of weight on WW when i was younger, i think it's brilliant and teaches you how to do it properly. Stick with it, sounds like you're doing fab :-) x

  3. Thank you! Always lovely to hear from success stories! x

  4. Looks like a yummy menu, the smoky sausage sounds lovely #MealplanningMonday