Friday, 28 August 2015

Heads and tales

"I sent you a really good picture of those heads," said D, "And you didn't use it in your Glasgow post."

"Well, no," I said, "Because it's a food blog and that wasn't a picture of food so much as...heads suspended from the ceiling."

He looked at me.  I could practically hear him thinking "We don't just eat."

Which is fair enough.  So here is a picture of some heads suspended from the ceiling of the Kelvingrove museum:

And, of course, it is true that we don't just eat.  We drink quite a lot as well.  This year was mostly about the whisky.  After we left Glasgow, we headed to Islay and managed to tour four distilleries in two days.  Although the process doesn't vary from place to place, each tour had it's own distinct personality and interesting snippets of information, not to mention each involved a dram or two of the good stuff.

Islay distillery
The Ugly Betty still at Bruichladdich
Islay does whisky very well.  We did not, however, discover anything particularly exciting in the foodie line during our brief visit.  Whether it exists and is well hidden or if it is just not the main priority of the island, I am not sure - further research required perhaps?

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  1. We went to a v creepy botanical garden in Cuba that had loads of dolls' heads on sticks, nestled amongst the flowers