Monday, 8 June 2015

MPM: 8th June 2015

It's D's turn to design a low budget eating plan this week as we compete to see who can put together the cheapest, most delicious weekly menu.  I'm amazed at how little we have both managed to spend and how little we have had to compromise the type of food we eat - but I think I'll write a longer post on this subject later this week.

Last night, we had lemongrass and turmeric chicken from Diana Henry's latest book "A Bird in the Hand" which, if you are a fan of chicken and good food I urge you to look at.  The recipe is reproduced online here (albeit translated into American) and it is most definitely worth a try.  We have got leftovers for lunch today and I can't wait!

Elsewhere, we are having

A non microwave version of Jack Monroe's carrot ribbon spaghetti
Bangers, mash and red onion gravy
Spaghetti carbonara
Cauliflower and macaroni cheese
Salmon with pasta pesto
Lamb mince and cauliflower curry

Lot's of pasta then - which suits me fine as I love the stuff.  A couple of near repeats from last week as well - obviously our minds tend the same way when we are thinking about budget food, but still lots to look forward to.  As ever, there is more meal planning fun to be had over at Mrs M's

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  1. Mmm a pasta week is the best kind of week :) lots of sausage and mash on menus this week, making me hungry..! Hope you have a good week xx