Monday, 15 June 2015

MPM: 15th June 2015

The weekend passed mainly in a blur of despair and giant flying reptiles as we binged on the latest series of Game of Thrones. Gah, the unrelenting misery! Not even the presence of Star Trek Deep Space Nine's Doctor Bashir popping up could offer much solace. One episode left to go and I have no doubt it will be equally traumatic.

Some good food while we watched though: last night, a slow roast pork belly and lentils dish with braised fennel and a superlative though spicy curry on Saturday, which definitely eased the pain slightly. 

This week, we've yet to make plans for Saturday although it may involve some form of homemade bread. And on Thursday, we're off out for supper at a place in Harrogate that's been on the radar for a while. Elsewhere the week looks a bit like this:

Salmon with pasta pesto (a bump from last week)
Steamed buns with leftover pork belly (inspired to remake by Nicola's recent post)
Friday night fish and chips
Tumeric and lemongrass roast chicken

As ever, more meal planning fun over at Mrs M's.


  1. Ahh I have never watched Game of Thrones but my fella loves it....Sounds like you have a great week planned! x

    1. Kim - possibly for the best, it's hard going 😳

  2. The Steam buns with pork sound really nice, with stir fry? I also like the idea of turmeric and lemongrass chicken, I've gone of a 'traditional' roast on a Sunday, so we always try something different now, this sounds great!

    I'm saving the last couple of GoT's and I'll have a little binge! I just have to avoid all the spoilers online :D

    1. Stir fry could be a lovely accompaniment but we'll probably pack the veg inside the buns - cucumber and spring onions like a duck pancake.

      Good luck with the spoiler avoiding! Can't believe how many websites I need to avoid to stay "clean" :-)))

  3. I love steamed buns, I use Jamie Olivers recipe. We have it with stirfry

  4. Ooh steamed buns, I've never heard of intriguing :) you've got some tasty meals on there, have a lovely time out on Thursday xx