Saturday, 25 April 2015

Hello weight loss, my old friend...

For all my bravado a few weeks ago, I have yet to go back to a Weight Watchers meeting.  I don't know why, but the thought of setting foot through the door reduces me to a quivering wreck.  Definitely some issues there to work on.  But that is not to say that I have not been engaging in the Watching of the Weight.  I have a good few days under my (capacious) belt now and am feeling nicely in control even after our brief sojourn in Whitby.

One of my...issues is perhaps too strong a word but will do for now...with the WW model is the emphasis on the one weekly weigh in.  While I understand the reasoning behind it, it does set an awful lot of store by what you weigh in one particular moment in time rather than on the general progress.  I've recently found an app called Happy Scale which allows you to record a daily figure and then uses that to calculate a moving average as well as a record low summary.  So far, I like this approach.  The concern with daily weighing is always that it can be a bit obsessional, so I've switched my scales to kilograms - that way I can see and record the change in the numbers without really understanding what said numbers mean (I'm actively trying not to do conversion maths in my head).  I find that way there is a much less emotive connection between what the scales say and how I feel.  Logical?  Perhaps not, but you've always got to do what works best for you at any given time.

Anyway, it means that you are spared the interminable weekly weigh in posts for now - although I might do a semi regular update on progress if, for no other reason that to add a bit more accountability.  As to meetings, I just don't know...history tells me that I do better when I am going but history also tells me that I have a tendency to come to a juddering halt whenever I have a bad few weeks.  I'm keeping an open mind for the time being.


  1. It's so hard this weight loss milarkey. All I can say is keep doing what works, whilst its working don't change anything!

  2. I think that is a great idea, as I haven't the faintest clue what kg are in stones!

  3. I had the same feeling about meetings back in January. I think I just heard myself saying all the same things as I have done over and over but not doing anything differently. So I took a fresh approach of doing the diet but not the meetings and so far so good. I may go back as and when I need to

    Good luck with you and I'm dead jealous about Whitby!

    Lesley xx

  4. It takes a lot of self control to only weigh weekly, doesn't it? My weigh in day is Sunday, but I always find myself on the scales on Friday or Saturday, to check how I'm going.
    If daily weighs works for you, then that's great. It can't hurt to give it a try! :-) xx

  5. Switching the scale to kilos is a brilliant idea actually, and one I might steal. Weighing (when and how often) is such a conundrum for me.