Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter!

I hope, most fervently, that you all had chocolate for breakfast...or, at the very least, a hot cross bun.

I'll be back soon with tales of an Italian inspired roast leg of lamb and the recipe for a VERY indulgent but seriously good Easter pudding.

In the meantime, I leave you with news that at least one person does not appear to be perturbed by the decline in Creme Egg quality this year...


  1. No choccy egg but a couple of hot cross buns yesterday which were scrummy!! Have a lovely Easter. Lxx

  2. Creme eggs - yeah nice, but oh my god, I miss hot cross buns. Toasted. And slathered in salted butter. They'd bloody better still be in the shops when I get back to the UK in a couple of weeks!!!

  3. Also Italian roast lamb sounds lovely!! We knocked up slow roasted pork, stolen from the chalet the other day, with honey, mustard and white wine to bathe in while it cooked ... sooooo gooood! xx