Monday, 23 June 2014

MPM: 23rd June 2014

I know it is a cliche but, honestly, where does the time go?  We're coming up to the end of June people!  That's madness!  From now on we're in the downwards slide towards CHRISTMAS.

So this week is a bit like the end of term for me seeing as we are off on holiday a week today which is very exciting.  Some bits from the freezer make an appearance, but a new recipe as well.  Friday onwards is being left unplanned since we are out and about being social butterflies.

Salmon with bois boudran sauce and crushed potatoes: taken from "Heston Blumenthal at Home" this recipe looks rather delicious.

Lamb biryani: using leftovers from the Sunday roast.  The third time we have cooked this particular dish, which in our household is the highest of high recommendations.

Smoked haddock, sweet potato and spinach soup (thank you Mr Waitrose).

Chicken with broad beans and mint, probably served with some new potatoes tossed in a little butter.

More meal planning fun over at Mrs M's.


  1. The Chicken with broad beans and mint sounds and looks delicious x

  2. What Kim said! I love broad beans, and they go so well with mint. I shall be trying the recipe x