Saturday, 8 February 2014

Weigh in...Saturday?

Weeks 1-18: -34lbs
This week: -5lbs
Total loss: 39lbs

Slightly late weigh in this week as I decided to check out a meeting that is, quite literally, within spitting distance of the house. Early impressions are good and a Saturday weigh in definitely appeals. I miss the alliterative blog title though.

So a good loss this week despite a couple of...hiccups with tracking. And by hiccups I mean...absence of. But I would dearly love to hit a three stone loss by the end of February so back to it today with a renewed sense of purpose. This is where I find attending meetings really does help - it's like hitting a mental reset button every week.

Onwards and downwards!


  1. Fab result!! Keep it up and that third stone is solid gone.... I'm struggling at the mo, both to post and to diet but getting close to doing both once more so watch this space. L xx

    1. Thank you hon, and will be watching that space very've been much missed!

  2. Holy Shamoly! 5lbs! I am in awe. That is incredible. Well done WELL DONE! xxx