Monday, 3 February 2014

Meal planning, and why Breaking Bad is not good for your health

I am feeling a tad…delicate this morning, I cannot tell a lie. And I have resorted to considerable quantities of blusher in order to look, y’know, alive. I blame Walter White and family. The sheer stress created by the final season of Breaking Bad is driving us both to drink - I managed to consume all my remaining weekly points yesterday in liquid form. And we ended up eating Chinese nibbles for tea rather than a proper meal so as to limit time away from the screen. Which was nice (I love sesame prawn toasts) but not all that balanced.

Anyway, it means pappardelle with butternut squash and mushrooms is on the menu for tonight, so that’s something to look forward to.

Last week, we didn’t actually go out for dinner on Thursday as planned – I was having a minor sulk because the scales gently reminded me that you can’t go away and eat your bodyweight in scones and still expect to lose weight. Salmon with pasta pesto at home instead and very nice it was too – one of my absolute favourite midweek suppers. We’re going out this week instead – hurrah! Then D is out for a curry on Friday night so I am going to have tortellini tossed in butter and Parmesan, and a Malteser bunny if I have the points left. And the weekend I’m leaving clear-ish as we’re going to be practicing some bits and pieces for our New York themed dinner party (note to self: must buy truffle salt). So only a few other meals proper to plan:

Mushroom and halloumi “burgers” (halloumi in the fridge needs using up. The fact that I will have to buy all the other constituent ingredients is neither here nor there.)

Fresh soup (of course – broccoli and stilton this week)

Beef massaman curry with basmati rice

Now, if you will excuse me, I think I just got my first hangover hunger pang. The rest of the morning will be spent trying not to go and buy a bacon sandwich. More meal planning fun over at Mrs M’s.

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  1. I really have to stop reading your foodier posts on starve days. I will make sure to read the - lavishly illustrated - account of your dinner party on an eating day.