Sunday, 5 January 2014

No more champagne, and the fireworks are through...

So, we're home from NYC.

D says I shouldn't be allowed to go on good holidays because I get so upset at the end of them.  There were tears on the last night. 

And then, as Peridot so presciently guessed in her comment, there were almost tears at the airport when our flight was cancelled.  The weather hasn't been brilliant on the American East Coast, you see.  By an absolutely remarkable stroke of luck, we managed to get seats on a flight out of Newark just twelve hours after our original departure time.  So, we got to see the New Jersey Turnpike (which is referenced in one of our favourite Simon and Garfunkel songs.  And I'm sure all the people on the bus with us were delighted when we started singing about men in gabardine suits).

Weight news: today (I am a daily home weigher for better or for worse) saw me two and a quarter pounds up on my last pre-holiday weigh in and four and a quarter pounds up on my all time low back on the 16th December.  That's not bad at all.  While I think I have mostly grown out of the habit of all out gluttony I certainly didn't stint on food (or drink) over both the festive season and our American sojourn.  I have been tracking today which has been relatively painless as, after the epic 36 hour journey, I was utterly exhausted and didn't wake up until two this afternoon.  Tomorrow may be more interesting.


  1. Glad you got home without toooo much pain and I'm sure you'll get shot of those 4 lbs v v quickly. Can't wait to hear all about NYC. L xx

  2. Seriously jealous of this trip! I love NYC. Glad you got home safely and 4 pounds will be gone in no time. Dying to hear about the restaurant(s)!