Monday, 6 January 2014

MPM: 6th January 2013


Still jet lagged, so meal planning has been a little bit sluggish today and does feature soup twice - which is fine if you like soup.  But am excited for the weekend when we're going to cook an NYC inspired Saturday night tea...

Tonight: smoked salmon and scrambled eggs
Tuesday and Thursday: fresh soup
Wednesday: warm salad with parsnip rosti, crispy bacon and poached egg
Friday: D out - goats' cheese and caramelised onion pizza for me
Saturday: Reuben sandwich using our home made corned beef, baked cheesecake
Sunday: Roast chicken, roast potatoes, carrot and swede mash, stuffing, best ever braised red cabbage

As per usual, more meal planning fun at Mrs M's.


  1. Ohh wow! Everything sounds delicious!!
    I Googled what a Reuben sandwich was....I'm drooling!! No wonder your excited!! Enjoy! x

  2. That sounds even more delicious than normal!

  3. OOh, the parsnip rosti sounds good. I have some parsnips to use up so might give that a go tomorrow

  4. So funny....I was just about to post a comment then realised it was almost word for word the same as happywifemumme's above. You are starting a parsnip revolution!!

  5. Thanks for linking up to #mealplanningmonday - sounds lovely and healthy!