Friday, 24 May 2013

Alfred Bar, Leeds - one day everybody there will know my name...

I think I may be ready to bestow the accolade of My Favourite Bar in Leeds.  And, the thing is, it’s not even in Leeds but is tucked away in a sedate Northern suburb called Meanwood.  Which suits me because the older I get the more I find that city centres are tiring, bustling things.  I was in London at the weekend and, much as I will always love it, hauling myself on and off the packed Tube and navigating the churning crowds of the West End quickly palled. 
Anyway, back to Meanwood, and to Alfred, which is the kind of neighbourhood bar that every neighbourhood should have.  For a start, both the décor and the bar staff are quirky and cool but not off puttingly so.  There is an excellent range of real ales from predominantly local breweries but also some decent wines served by the glass not to mention a selection of hot drinks to go with the delectable homemade cakes that repose under retro Perspex cloches on the bar counter.  God, I love cake. 

The only possible downside is, perversely, one of its selling points – the size.  It is bijou, in estate agent speak, intimate, cosy – perfect for hunkering down on a Sunday afternoon with a pint and a paper.  Which is fabulous until they decide to do a free, unticketed Brewdog tasting event* that attracts half of the population of Meanwood, then it can start to feel a little claustrophobic.  Which is frankly nothing that another drink won't fix...
D wears his Brewdog badges with pride!
Anyway, should you find yourself in the area do pop in.  Alfred is actually part of a little chain which you can check out here - nice bars all, incidentally.
*And yes, you may well ask why someone on a diet should find themselves at a beer tasting event on the night before a weigh in to which I say – free samples!  Of yummy beer!  Life is far too short to miss out on such golden opportunities and when the scales give me a proverbial frown today, I shall tell them so.

6 Stonegate Rd  
West Yorkshire
0113 278 0779

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