Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Living below the line

Being fat is a very first world problem. There is something uncomfortably, horribly wrong about a world where resources are spread so unevenly that some of us can actually not only afford to over consume but then, spend even more money on learning how not to over consume or why we have over consumed in the first place.

There are a few bloggers out there taking part in a challenge where they have to feed themselves for £1 a day. I received an email about it myself a few weeks ago and thought, oh, that sounds interesting and then promptly forgot about it. Probably because I am guilty of spending too much time staring at my own navel. But also, if I am truthful, because the idea of eating nothing but lentils for a week did not particularly fill me with joy.

So I just wanted to write this post as a shout out to all those people brave and clever enough to give this a go. The more I think about it, the more the idea of poverty terrifies me – and I am someone who is blessed enough to never have experienced anything even approaching poverty.

The website, Live Below the Line, is here for anyone who is interested. Good luck to all who are taking part through choice and God bless all those for whom living on a pound a day is a permanent reality.


  1. A friend of mine is doing this and keeps posting about how amazing and delicious the meals are. Now, I'm sure he means well but surely that isn't the point? Surely the point is to highlight the fact that people SHOULDN'T be having to live like this no matter how tasty the meals?

    But you're right, as long as it is raising money it is doing good :) I couldn't do it either!

  2. Nothing to do with your post but we spent the weekend in York and just LOVED it. We want to move there now. J Baker's was still closed; do they ever open?!

    1. This comment worried both D and I so we did some research and it looks as if they've decided to only open for lunch on Friday and Saturday which is slightly worrying. Our intention is to go over and there and spend a lot of money very soon.

      I miss York so much - we were there last night for a visit and I do love it. Hopefully will move back there in the not too distant future, though whether that will be me or we is still very much undecided.