Monday, 25 March 2013

Meal Planning Monday - 25th March 2013

I was absolutely delighted to step on the scales this morning and see a loss.

Well, to be more specific, stepping on the scales is never delightful in itself (even though my bathroom scales are a rather fetching shade of pink) but to see a number that was lower than last week’s number – that was the good bit. It was not a huge loss but the number this week is less, lower, under the number last week. Hurrahs and happy dances all round.

Now this week. I’m out on Thursday (theatre, dahling) and am going to D’s for dinner on Friday (I have been promised confit duck legs; I, meanwhile, will be providing a red cabbage and pineapple side dish). The rest of the week:

o Chilli con carne (from the freezer) – this will do two nights.

o Smoked haddock and cheddar fish cakes with tender stem broccoli

o Easter Sunday lunch: slow roast lamb shoulder on Boulangere potatoes with minted peas and roasted asparagus

That leaves me one meal short, but I’ve stocked my cupboard full of soup, so I think Heinz cream of tomato with a cheese toastie on the side might do me one evening – it’s very soup-ey weather at the moment.

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  1. Well done with the weight loss!!
    Great meal plan x

  2. Yay! Well done you :) Hope you have a good week and nice meal with D xxxx

  3. Well done on the loss. It is indeed soup weather. I have just had some for my lunch and it has warmed me up.

  4. Red cabbage and pineapple IN THE SAME DISH? Perplexed and a little disturbed...

    Fish cakes sound wonderful - and I love a toastie!

    Well done on the loss too.


    1. I share your trepidation, but it's an Andrew Pern recipe and I trust him! We'll see...