Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Reality Bites

Thank you from the heart of my bottom for the comments left on my last post. You were all so kind; it meant a lot. I'm sorry I've not been commenting on blogs much recently but gradually, gradually normal service looks set to be resumed.

I am now moved in to the new place in Leeds. Half of my possessions are still in boxes but I'm slowly getting there. It's a beautiful house and I am lucky to have it and I am resolutely not going to focus on the fact that I am here on my own.

I don't yet know what will happen between me and D but I do know that I am going to give saving our relationship a good shot. And part of that is looking after myself and not allow myself to wallow in a mire of self pity and rose wine. With this in mind, off I toddled to a brand new WW meeting this morning. Yep, at 7.30 am, I was getting weighed! How virtuous does that make me feel! The meeting itself is just a ten minute walk from the office so I was at my desk by eight, all aglow with good intentions.

I don't yet know if this is going to be Operation Win Back Husband or Become Presentable Singleton. But either way, it has to be better than Operation Become Morbidly Obese Gin Raddled Lock In.

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  1. I was so sorry to read your previous post. It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job of getting on with things - I'm very impressed! Take care xx

  2. Operation Become Morbidly Obese Gin Raddled Lock In- I laughed out loud at that. I can guarantee you that that would be my response, so absolutely hats off to you for getting on the WW wagon. I am trying to think of a synonymous compliment for "strong" that doesn't sound Dr-Phil-self-helpy, but I am failing. So I think that shows incredible strength, and is an indicator that you will definitely land on your feet, wherever that may be.

  3. well done girl, you should be proud of yourself.Am so glad I am female, I am inspired by the strength of women every day. xxx

  4. Good girl - do it for yourself and then whatever the outcome you will be healthier and hopefully happier and more at peace with what is happening. Take care x

  5. Good for you. Absolutely the right thing to do and with that attitude you'll reap the rewards. Big hug!!

    Lesley xx