Thursday, 3 November 2011

Thursday Thoughts

I was standing in the queue for the scales today (Thursday is my Day of Ritual Humiliation aka Weigh In) alongside about a dozen other gloomy looking women when I found myself thinking petulantly, “They’re none of them fat! What are they even doing here? That woman’s waist has a smaller circumference than my HEAD!*”

It’s grossly unfair of me. I don’t know any of these women nor their weight histories. Perhaps they have successfully slain their weight loss demons – and hey, look at that, they actually manage to maintain their weight loss by continuing to attend meetings. They haven’t regarded this as a finite process.

Or perhaps they have recently noticed that their jeans are a little tight – they’ve gained, say, half a stone and they want to deal with it now before the half a stone becomes twenty stone and they can’t see their feet anymore.*

Either way, Me gave Me a good dressing down for being small minded.

Then, after a gain (unsurprising given a weekend of debauchery in London – this is one particular gain I am quite happy to own because I enjoyed every single unpointed mouthful) I made the spectacularly daft decision to substitute my planned lunch (PrĂȘt Italian chicken salad = 9 pro points) for a pint of cider with D (= 7 pro points - gah). Although WW advocates eating everything in moderation, I hardly think this is what is known as a sensible meal plan. I now feel more than a little sleepy. And I’ve promised to go to the gym this evening.

In other, slightly more cheerful news, the red cups are back in Starbucks – and people, you know that this means that the countdown to Christmas has officially begun. I’ve yet to have my first (skinny) gingerbread latte of the season but it’s surely imminent…

*Possible exaggeration brought on by scale induced hysteria.


  1. Heh, those analogies made me giggle. I've not been past Starbucks recently as I'm housebound mostly, but will look forward to seeing them, even if I don't drink any!

    Don't worry, I did the substitute meal for alcohol yesterday - well, I say I did it, I ate a meal too. *sighs*


  2. Ahhhhhhh weigh-in night...! I have to be honest and say that when I reached my goal weight, but continued with my classes so I could keep it off, it really bugged me when people would be dismissive and say "Oh don't be silly, you don't need to lose anything!" - because just as you say, they didn't know the 9 months of hard work I had put in trying to overcome PCOS and lose a stone and a half. Thank you for being honest! Hope you have a good weekend lovely :) x

  3. You see, I don't like Starbucks coffee because it doesn't appear to have much actual coffee in it. BUT even I love the gingerbread latte (extra shot). Trying to stay away - fear syns would be terrifying.


  4. Oh I have totally done that thing with the people who don't have much to lose in the past. I really didn't mean to and I'm sure it's because I'm 100% jealous that I didn't do something about it back when I was that size lol.