Monday, 25 July 2011

Meal Planning Monday 11

This week we will mostly be eating down the cupboards and the freezer. It’s the end of the month, the credit cards are groaning and next weekend we decamp to my parents’ house for a few weeks of cat sitting – which I for one am treating as a bit of a summer holiday in the absence of an actual summer holiday. So to save having to take across bags of produce, this week we’ll be doing a bit of strategic eating.

So the meal plan looks a bit like this:

  • Tuesday – The last of our Scottish venison burgers – I’ve yet to calculate the points in these but venison is a lean meat so they should be quite light. Obviously, I’ll also need to factor in the ketchup and plastic cheese.

  • Wednesday – Macaroni cheese, perfect storecupboard food at 14 pro points a serving.

  • Thursday – Chilli con carne with rice made with lean mince – again, 14 pro points a serving.

The weekend I am leaving blank – for the very exciting reason that I am travelling down to London for my hen do! I would tell you which parts of the city to avoid, but all the arrangements are being kept a mystery to me. I’m hoping I do not get made to wear a sash or a tiara or (the horror!) a custom made T-shirt. Given that I picked my classiest friend to be chief bridesmaid and hen-do organiser, I am relatively optimistic.

Don’t forget to pop over to Mrs M’s blog for more meal planning fun.


  1. sounds like an excellent meal plan...hope that you can contain your excitement until the weekend!! I conceded to a sash that said Bride to Be on my hen night...only after a bottle or so of prosecco at the gorgeous afternoon tea my hens treated me to...seemed fair to wear the sash after that...have a great time!!!! :)

  2. Yum - please, please can I have the recipe for the BNS and red pepper soup - I have half a squash lurking in my fridge that's begging to be soupified! Pleeeease?? :o)

    If it's any help, I think 2 Venison Grills from Waitrose are about 4 or 5 points (for the pair, not each) - it's super lean meat.

    Have fun on the hen do! xx

  3. Victoria - am seriously over excited, and you're right, I would probably wear a sash if bribed with sufficient fizz and cake!

    Starfish - your wish etc... :) I love this recipe and am surprised I have never got round to posting it before. And tq for the venison info.


  4. I have that end of the month feeling too - even though I have just been paid my credit card bill came in so a bit of freezer forraging is on the cards for me too! Enjoy your hen do!!! :)