Sunday, 13 March 2011

What is the use of a blog without pictures...?

Packet of peanuts for anyone who can identify the quote paraphrased above?  No?  Well, it's from Alice in Wonderland, spoken by Alice herself just before she falls down the rabbit hole.  Only, she referred to a book rather than a blog.  Blogs still being a twinkle in a white rabbit's eye at the time.

It keeps popping into my mind with regards to this blog because I'm extremely lax on the old picture front.  Some of my absolute favourite food blogs always have amazing pictures of gorgeous looking meals strewn throughout them and it always makes me feel a little shabby by comparison.

Yesterday, I had an absolute behemoth of a sirloin steak for tea.  Seriously, seriously huge, but also glistening and tender and totally delicious and would have made a fantastic (if rather carnivorous) blog illustration.  But I only remembered when I was about three quarters of the way through.  And no one wants to see a picture of a mostly-eaten supper.

So instead you get this:

It may look rather unprepossessing - but this is the basis of our rather fabulous smelling tea tonight.  Leeks, carrots, celery, dried split peas and homemade ham stock seasoned with black pepper, mustard powder and dried parsley all bunged in the slow cooker and then left to putter away on low for 6-8 hours before being whizzed up to make a gorgeous, hearty soup.  And I can't tell you how much it warmed the cockles of my heart to be able to use the words "homemade" and "stock" in the same sentence.  Just before serving, I plan to stir through a spoonful of mustard and some shredded gammon that has been languishing in the freezer since Christmas.  Perfect Sunday night fare.  


  1. Yes, I thought the same last night as I placed a gorgeous (but too hearty) plate of roast beef and yorkshire puddings on the table.....should take a pic of this.....nope, too late, hungry now...

    Your soup base looked very virtuous but sounded very tasty, a pleasing combination!

  2. Well, mine is ALWAYS a blog without pictures. And may well be pointless I suppose! Although not in the WW sense...

    I love making soup - makes me feel very smug. Am - even now - tucking into chicken and vegetable with a smattering of pearl barley that I made yesterday. Similar to your but pearl barley over split peas, chicken instead of ham and tarragon instead of parsley! Oh and my stock was a combo of bought fresh and bouillon - nowhere near as virtuous.