Thursday, 10 March 2011

Lenten promises

Awww, how lovely it is to be missed! Thank you so much, Peridot, for your comment on my last entry.

I’ve not blogged anything for a while; time just hasn’t been on my side, but neither has inclination, if I’m honest. Of course, in dieting spheres this generally means bad news, and, I must concede, my heart hasn’t been in the counting lately. Apparently, the fact that I have to wear a wedding dress in, oh, six months, is not incentive enough.

It was in the run up to Easter last year that my efforts first started to seriously falter. I can’t even remember why now. So it seems fitting that in the run up to Easter this year I retake my mojo. Yes, for Lent 2011 this particular foodie is giving up giving up on WW. I even made a list of things that would help me use these six weeks to form some good habits, including cutting out all alcohol apart from the odd glass of wine (I appear to have developed a bit of a cider habit of late), exercising three times a week and dragging my sorry behind to a meeting without fail. Unless I have a really good excuse, like illness or death or something.

Actually, Lent has started a day late in our household due to me being away for work for a few days and missing out on pancake day. So we had pancakes last night, mine smeared respectively in lemon juice and sugar, Florentine butter and golden syrup. Gorgeous stuff, and I discovered D’s talent, hitherto concealed, for pancake flipping. A man of many and varied talents, obviously.


  1. Welcome back! I missed your posts.

    D sounds like a man well worth marrying. But what is Florentine butter???


  2. Peridot, THIS is Florentine butter:

    It's like a fruitier, boozier version of Nutella. Absolutely gorgeous and probably about a squillion points :)


  3. Welcome back! I've missed pancakes this year due to lack of kitchen, but I shall be making up for that as soon as we have a hob!

    Florentine butter sounds amazing!


  4. i too have been off the grid....we missed pancakes here too....hmmm lots in common!!! god luck with giving up on giving will look beautiful on your day no matter what!!! :)