Friday, 7 January 2011

Friday fun

Greetings, friends! The snow has started falling yet again here in Yorkshire, so no signs that spring is approaching yet. But as I head into the weekend, I just had to share these two pieces of comedic genius with you.

Read, and wonder at these two recipes and then (and this is key) scroll down to the user comments:

Rachael Ray’s late night bacon


Rachael Ray’s pineapple wedges

I had to stop reading these at work because I kept making odd snorting noises. Well, odder than usual.


  1. At last, I now know how to slice fruit.....

    Hahahahahaha Martin couldn't understand what I was chuckling at bless him


  2. Oh man, she couldn;t even stretch to actually cooking the bacon instead of microwaving?

    Thanks for the delurk, yeah, chinese food here all kin of tastes the same - I've really gone off it.

  3. Haaaa ha ha ha, am snorting also. Brilliant!! I have a great recipe for apple chunks.... Ingredients - 1 apple. Method - take apple out of fruit bowl, wipe on sleeve, eat.

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