Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Bloody, bold and resolute

Ah, January. Probably the most depressing month of the year. Post Christmas, post birthday and post New Year celebrations, there doesn’t seem to be an awful lot to brighten the endless dark days, especially if one’s diet is equally joyless. Which of course it should be, as one tries to undo all the damage done by spending the last two weeks of December thinking it is ok to eat chocolate for breakfast, snack on mince pies and forget what a piece of fruit looks like.

Oh, was that just me?

I think I knew that I was ready yesterday. You see, I just couldn’t be bothered to eat. All day. A few pints of sugar free squash were all I consumed until about half seven at which time I heated up a bowl of split pea and ham soup and ate about half of it. This is a very rare occurrence and I recognise that it was my body finally telling me enough was enough. For all that I make New Year Resolutions, they seldom seem to start on January 1st itself – I generally require a couple of days of sulking and hoovering up the Christmas leftovers before I am truly ready to start again. Again.

The cupboard still contains more chocolate than is strictly necessary, but luckily most of it is easily portionable (is that even a word?) And I believe that there are some mini sausage rolls lurking in the freezer (shop bought I’m afraid – it’s a family Christmas tradition to get mini sausage rolls every year and every year I think to myself “Hmmm, I bet these would be much nicer if I made them myself…”) but again, easy enough to cook them up a couple at a time to have as an in-front-of-the-telly-with-a-puddle-of-ketchup treat. Everything else has been safely despatched. I think. Armed with my new Pro Points iphone app, surely, nothing can stand in my way?? (cue: evil super villain laugh).


  1. Happy New Year!

    It's not just you. I believe it is in fact the LAW that you have to eat chocolate coins for breakfast on Christmas morning for instance. And you wouldn't want to run foul of the chocolate police, would you? (Why aren't I RUNNING the chocolate police, btw? I'd be a shoe-in for Chief Constable of Confectionery).

    Let me know if the iphone app (ooooh, get you) sheds any light on the mystery which is propoints. I have a very basic Nokia and such delights are not for the likes of me.


  2. Martin and I argue about the chocolate for breakfast thing, he says it's wrong where as I know I'm right due to stubborness and bossiness combined!!! I think he's just upset his mum used to make them get dressed and have proper breakfast on christmas morning...

    Lex xxx

  3. Heehee - you're certainly not the only one who *enjoyed* Xmas a little much! Still - January is traditional back to it season so why buck the trend, huh? Which iPhone app have you got? I had an excellent one, pre-ProPoints, but it hasn't updated to the new system, so I'd definitely be interested in a new one if it's decent - review please!!!