Tuesday, 7 September 2010

This Time Next Week…

…Where will you be?

I only ask, because I won’t be around – I’ll be in sunny (or otherwise!) Scotland on holidays and I’m getting a little bit over excited.

It’s the first holiday we’ve taken this year – unless you count the two weeks of cat sitting up the road - and it’s a little bit different to the type of trip we generally take. We’re both a little obsessed with food (as you may have noticed) and we have a keen interest in art and culture (although you wouldn’t have guessed it from the pile of Heat magazines that I keep hidden under the bed!) so we tend to opt for city breaks. This autumn we’re eschewing that and are getting back to nature! No Michelin star dinners or posh hotels with complementary towelling robes for us – nope, we going to spend one night in a tent on an island and six in a static caravan by the beach.

I think a week of fresh air, walking and relaxing will be exactly what we need – we’ve both been a bit tired and jaded lately and I think some of that ennui has probably come through in this blog – it’s certainly the reason why my WWing has been so hit and miss. Freshness, simplicity and plenty of exercise (we’ll be taking walking boots and cagoules and hitting the trails regardless of the weather) will hopefully give my 30 for 30 challenge a good boost – even if it just manages to get me into a slightly more self nurturing state of mind.

Of course, it’s not all going to be beans on toast – check out the gorgeous looking Café Fish on the island of Mull where we’ll be dining on Friday night. The area of Scotland we’re sojourning in is famous for its fresh seafood, so we are hoping to persuade a friendly local fisherman to sell us something fresh on the boat to cook in a fire pit. And, naturally, there will be the odd wee dram of whisky!


  1. Where in Scotland will you be? Glasgow has been awfully rainy this week, but I would much rather be there than here. lol

  2. Hope you both have a lovely time :) we're off on our first ever camping trip this weekend!!! Ooo errr!

    Lex xxx

  3. @big_mummy: we're off to the West Highlands near Kilchoan. I reckon the weather will be absolutely terrible - but never mind, I'm waterproof!

    @Lexie: snap! Am both scared and excited at the prospect of sleeping in a tent - we'll have to compare notes :)