Monday, 16 April 2018

MPM: 16th April 2018

For the first time in quite a while, we have a full week of dining in to plan. Work is likely to be hectic and full on for the next few weeks, especially for poor old D who is currently co-ordinating a massive project on top of his day job. If he has any hair (or fingernails) left by the end of April it will be something of a miracle. So I want to make sure that he has plenty of nice evening meals to which he can look forward.

Monday and Thursday: fast day - soup.

Tuesday: this week's recipe book is Jamie Oliver's 15 Minute Meals. I have no idea why I bought it; I dislike the concept and note from watching the programme (which is never off the Food channel) that Mr Oliver's timings do not include any sort of clearing up. Anyway. We're giving it a go and making a beef stroganoff with rice.

Wednesday: chickpea and paneer black pepper curry.

Friday: crispy sole with brown shrimp butter.

Saturday: D plans to make a batch of Merguez sausages. He's done them before and they are AMAZING. We're going to hold back a little bit of the mixture and make little patties to have as a burger. Can't wait for this!

Sunday: we've not had a roast dinner in a while so I think that it's high time for one with all the glorious trimmings.

Now that little lot has made me thoroughly hungry...


  1. Rich enquired wistfully after a roast dinner yesterday which was a bit rich as he's had roasts the last 2 weekends! I note that it didn't stop him tucking into 2 portions of lasagne! Will consider what I can do next weekend... Hope D's projects goes well and without loss of fingernails. Lxx

  2. I’m not a Jamie fan at all. I do quite like some of his recipes though. And Fifteen in Cornwall was possibly my best meal ever.

    Hope D is suitably soothed by this culinary love.