Monday, 12 March 2018

MPM: 12th March 2018

Happy Monday campers!  Actually, I'm writing this on Friday afternoon so the weekend is still to come.  I hope that it was a good one.  We have plans for a trip into town for brunch and books, the very nicest sort of day.  Although, really, I need to stop buying books.  I've got a tottering TBR (to be read) pile that I really should tackle before adding still more to it.  But I just can't resist - nothing makes me giddier than the prospect of a browse around a bookshop.  Except, possibly, a browse around a lipstick counter.

We digress.  For today, it is Monday, and that means meal planning (although, actually, we did that on Thursday so the meal plan was contrived on Thursday, written on Friday and only published on Monday.  Mind blowing.)

This week, we fast Monday and Thursday - and after a couple of poor weeks we are determined to get two good days under our belts.  On Friday, we are going for dinner at that behemoth of the Harrogate food scene, Norse.  Looking forward to that one.  Elsewhere:

Tuesday: a four cheese risotto.  Yep, that's right - risotto made with FOUR different cheeses.  The recipe is from The Silver Spoon.  I am looking forward to sinking into a cheesy coma afterwards.

Wednesday:  D has selected bangers and mash - there's very much a comfort food theme emerging here, isn't there?

Saturday: a recipe from "Simple" by the wonderful Diana Henry. Devilled mackerel with cucumber and watercress yoghurt.

Sunday:  roast pork.  Tomorrow, we embark upon a vegetarian week so I have promised D a good chunk of meat to see him off and he has challenged me to make better crackling than my mother, who cooked roast pork for us a couple of weeks ago.  It's not something I cook very often, but I will do my best.


  1. Oooh, apart from the fast days, that all sounds yummy. My new oven was installed yesterday by the lovely Richard so I'm looking forward to roasts which are cooked rather than air dried for a change. My old oven was really knackered!! Hope your delicate constitution enjoys the comfort food! Lxx

  2. I’m having problems getting my comments on. But just in case it shows up here, the four cheese risotto sounds amazing. What are the four cheeses?


    1. Your comment appeared but then I didn’t get a notification! Anyway, the four cheeses were Parmesan (of course), Gorgonzola, fontina and...Emmental of all things! ‘‘Twas absolutely delicious, I have to say - I thought the blue might be a little strident but nope, everything worked together well. x