Monday, 9 October 2017

MPM: 9th October 2017

I'm fasting today, and it is making me rather grumpy so forgive me if I don't dwell too long on this post.  Thinking about food might tip me over the edge and our office is heaving with cake.  My beady little eye is particularly snagged on some Colin the Caterpillar mini rolls.  I used to love a Colin the Caterpillar birthday cake and I suspect the mini versions are just as full of chocolatey goodness. Damn them.

Meal planning - nothing currently in the diary, so we've lined up seven meals.  Plenty of hearty, robust dishes going on here, including two midweek pastas which is slightly unbalanced but a) they are very different dishes and b)  I'd eat pasta every single day without a qualm. 

Monday: fast day (sob!) - soup

Tuesday: tuna pasta bake (hurrah!)  D says that this is something of an abomination and that no Italian would ever support the tuna and cheese combo.  I say: I don't care, this is one of my favourite comfort foods and is just what we need to use up some odds and ends of cheese, a rather sad green pepper and half a punnet of mushrooms.

Wednesday: cacio e pepe - we've been wanting to try this for AGES.  I can't wait!

Thursday: fast day (sob!) - more soup

Friday: sticky pork belly with noodles

Saturday: D's homemade fennel sausages with mashed potato and onion gravy.  We put this on because we happen to have the sausages in the freezer that need eating but who wouldn't want sausages and mash in front of Strictly? 

Sunday: roast chicken - various trimmings yet tbc.

Have a wonderful week all - I'm sure mine will improve rapidly when I can actually, y'know, eat.


  1. Looked at the cacio e pepe link-looks gorgeous!

  2. Glad to see you're still sticking to 5:2. You're doing better than me!! Lxx